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All downloads are in ZIP format. The ZIP file will contain both the requested download and, when necessary, a TXT file of instructions. The following files are available for downloading:





112 KB

Viewable/printable PDF file of "Do-It-Yourself Brain Surgery: What This Book is All About" (8 pages)

Visual Guide

1.0 MB

HTML Files for "Keys to the Mind: A Visual Guide"

Includes small images (144 by 144 pixels) of each Key.

Key Book

1.6 MB

Viewable/printable PDF file of "Using the ROTA Keys" booklet (48 pages).

Key Pack

4.7 MB

Printable PDF file of "Keys to the Mind" (Pack of Keys)

Printing requires 23 sheets of glossy photopaper. Coverage is 55%, or 11 times what printer manufacturers use in rating their cartridges. In other words, it will take enough ink to print 253 pages or more than half of each color cartridge and black. (Based on a manufacturer's rating of 440 pages per cartridge.) At more than half the price of a set of cartridges plus the cost of 23 sheets of photo paper, it may be much cheaper to just order a set of printed keys.

Screen Saver

17.2 MB

Screen saver for Windows Systems. Shows the ROTA Keys at random.

Install it your self version (SCR file). Includes instructions on copying program to proper directory, on activating different screen savers, and on setting display parameters.